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Seamless transcoding, powering your content's evolution

Rametron Lite is mainly used to handle transcoding requests from users, using community member desktop-based package systems (Ubuntu, Mac and Window) further sending transcoding versions to the Rametron pro layer to save.

Transcoding is a process by which a raw video stream is adapted to many alternative formats that a viewer may need. This allows the same video to be watched from a smartphone, tablet or a laptop and still be seen in the highest possible quality. Transcoding is a computationally difficult task and thus requires expensive hardware to be performed efficiently.

Effortless transcoding, empowering user-generated content creators

This layer of Rametron Nodes has endless possibilities to convert an encoded digital file or set of files into an altered set of digital files that better meet the needs of your hardware or your audience. It is particularly important for ensuring your content can be viewed on the widest possible range of devices.


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