Fortify Your Future with Dual-Layer Security Assurance

Shield your blockchain with Pando's validator nodes, providing dual-layer security for unrivaled protection and peace of mind

Validator Node

The block initializer and guardian of Pando Network's complete ledger, ensuring a secure blockchain ecosystem.

Unleash validation, security, and trust for Pando Network

The ultimate block finalizers for Pando Network. Validate transactions, safeguard partial ledgers, and fortify with advanced security. Unleash the power of decentralized trust and rock-solid protection.


Metatron nodes play important roles to protect the security of the Pando blockchain as they form a second layer of defense against potential malicious attackers. It acts as block finalizers responsible for validating transactions while holding partial ledgers of the Pando Network, and provides the second layer of security. By authoring new blocks on the network, Metatron Nodes play a key role in the Proof-of-Staking (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Fortify, Initiate, Protect: Your website's blockchain guardian

The unique block initializer and secure ledger. The ultimate solution for website integrity, data transparency, and robust security in a single platform. Your website's fortress of trust.


Zytatron serves as block initializers and holds the full ledger of the Pando and are responsible for verifying and preserving a record of transactions when they participate in the consensus .They also provide the first layer of security. Zytatron Nodes are region-specific network listeners responsible for validating content views and engagement in addition to ensuring the integrity and quality of service rendered by the Rametron Nodes.


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