Buy, Store and Utilize your PTX

You can utilize PTX with these Wallets across our Web3 DApps.



Wallet Connect

Trust Wallet

Supply and Demand

The PTX is only generated by the Node Holders and is utilized across the Pando Ecosystem. There are only a limited number of Node Holders, but an exponential growth in users across the Web3 DApps developed on the PandoProject.

No Floating Supply? No Problem.

The PTX has no floating supply that is made available in Exchanges for people to desirably purchase. Instead, the PTX that is available in Exchanges are voluntarily liquidated by Node Holders from their Node Earnings and is purchased by HODLers, New Node Holders, Creators, Advertisers, E-Sports Participants, Developers and more.

Growing Resistance to Volatility

With the Supply and Demand and the Tokenomics behind the PTX, there are no whales in the PandoProject. Thus, the PTX does not follow the dominance or influence of the cryptocurrency market.

High-Utility, Wide-Adoption

The PTX is adopted into a multitude of mega-industries such as livestreaming, education, advertising, blockchain, entertainment, NFTs and more. Its utilized by the entire Ecosystem through all revenue models made available through the Web3 DApps such as:

Tipping Creators and Users
E-Sports Tournaments
Concert Ticketing and more

Token Burning

A portion of Pandolab’s profits will undergo Token Burning every quarter of the year. Pandolab will buy back tokens in the secondary market and destroy them through Token Burning, creating scarcity and a higher demand for the remaining tokens.

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