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Your data hub for seamless storage and quick user requests. Elevate efficiency today!

Fortress of data, serving securely and swiftly

This layer is mainly used to store and further serve data requests from users using heavy Ubuntu based package servers of community members. Initially, these server layers are maintained by Pando Lab itself.

The Rametron Pro is the baseline server version supported on Linux OS. The Rametron Pro allows for storing of files and enables their deduplication, clustered persistence, and high performance. Moreover, IPFS, being the base for Rametron Pro Layer, makes it simple to set up resilient networks for mirroring data, and thanks to content addressing, files stored using IPFS are automatically versioned.

Secure data storage, serving with utmost protection

Pando not only provides significant cost saving, but also has a high level of security. Any service responsible for storing media content must not only guarantee protection against malware but also against bit rot.


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