Live Streaming Community Interaction

Live stream Ubuntu package requests, Rametron Enterprise community-driven servers.

Stream, Create, Engage, Reward: Uniting Content Creators

Rametron Enterprise entertains live streaming requests from users using heavy ubuntu based package servers of community members, initially these server layers are maintained by Pando Lab itself. On a later stage further to process to save live streamed video in the Rametron pro layer to serve user requests later on.

Decentralised video streaming is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) video streaming using blockchain technology. Unlike centralised platforms, media content in a P2P network is transmitted directly from content creators to the audience without the involvement of intermediaries.

Streaming joy, earning rewards, connecting creators worldwide

Through the use of blockchain technologies, audio and video broadcasts are gradually acquiring clear features of the new postmodern mass media, and decentralisation allows any participant to create, upload, and promote their own content in more protected and a cost-effective way without edge servers and content delivery networks


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