Blockchain, now in 4D

Design, Develop & Deploy

for Developers.


We’ve done the hardwork for you by developing the Blockchain infrastructure that you can use to power your platform or your own Network.

Cheaper, Better and Faster

The Blockchain infrastructure is made readily available for anyone to utilize it, companies and new or existing platforms don’t have to spend millions of dollars to build their own.

Cut the cost of hosting, streaming and transcoding video and data files

Benefit from decentralized streaming

Migrate your existing app, website or platform on the Blockchain

Create a new app, website or platform on the Blockchain

Blockchain As A Service

The Blockchain Infrastructure can decentralize storage, transcoding, livestreaming, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Video and Data File Editing and Storing.

Here are some ideas on how you, your website, platform, app, company or business can utilize the Blockchain Infrastructure:

Build your own DApp, Website or Platform

Build your own NFT Platform

Build your own Network

Utilize the Blockchain as a solution to decentralized storage, transcoding and livestreaming

The Next Big Thing

All you’ve got to do is integrate your existing app, Website or Platform on the Blockchain, or you could design, develop and deploy your next big idea.

It's All On GitHub

We are completely open-source so developers can experience the simplest, quickest and the easiest process possible when you’re building or migrating your existing app, platform or website.