Utilize the Blockchain to Decentralize Video and Data Storage, Livestreaming and Security across your App, Website System or Industry.


Utilize the Blockchain to Decentralize Video and Data Storage, Transcoding or Streaming your across your App, Website System or Industry.

Live Streaming

Utilize the Blockchain to Decentralize Video and Data Streaming, Livestreaming and Transcoding


Utilize the Blockchain to Decentralize all Internet of Things, from Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Cloud Servers and more.

Why This Project Is Right For You

The PandoProject already has its own Blockchain, Network and DApps for you to use, create and build form.

That doesn't stop us from collaborating with you to create an incubator to generate rewards and provide a solution towards decentralized streaming.

Build a DApp or a platform together

Create a blockchain-powered solution to a growing problem or to innovate an industry or an idea

Develop a new Blockchain-Network powered with our PTX

Corporate Social Responsibility

Start a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme with the Pandoproject.

You can support this programme as an individual or as a company and choose who your Rametrons are going to.

Sustainability for the World

The Pando Network is powered by Proof-of-Stake which uses 99% lesser electrical energy and carbon footprint than the widely used protocol called “Proof-of-Work”.

Proof-of-Stake also uses less specialized hardware which reduces the growing issue of electronic waste.

The Pando Blockchain uses Proof-of-Stake to activate all the Nodes held by the Community Members to give the power, profits and privacy back to the people.

What Can You Build With Us

Besides building DApps, Platforms, a Blockchain Network and more with the PandoProject .

You can collaborate with:

Us as a school or institute and join TutorX or turn the computers avail able into Rametrons to generate Rewards and help decentralize streaming.

PandoStore to sell products as a wholesaler or a company with products.

Pandojo as an E-Sport Organizer to access its revenue models and decentralized streaming.

Vixo as a Music Label to organize Concerts and sell NFT Tickets.