Why the PandoProject?


This is caused by the Centralized Delivery Network

(CDN), an outdated infrastructure used by big Apps, Platforms and Industries


This growing demand causes lag issues and rising costs of

Video and Data Storage, Transcoding and Streaming is rapidly rising


80% of internet bandwidth is already taken up by

video and data streaming and the demand is growing every day.

How the PandoProject Solves It.


Introducing the Peer-to-Peer Blockchain

App and Software, the Rametron.


The Rametron generates crypto rewards by

decentralizing Video and Data Storage, Transcoding and Streaming.


People can now download the Rametron

on their Phones, Tablets, Laptops or Cloud Servers and earn Crypto.

How Does The Movement
Benefit You?

  • The PandoProject has several types of “Nodes”. Your phone, tablet, laptop or cloud server can act as a Rametron node and start earning fees by contributing extra resources.
  • We’ve built a community of over 40,000 Node Holders so far, and are only planning to have 1 million total across the globe (so its a limited opportunity).
  • You can also apply to run a Zytatron or join as a Metatron Node. These Nodes are the managers of the Pandoproject blockchain. They create and finalize blocks, verify and validate transactions, record activities, and generate the rewards for the work they’ve done.

This is why
it’s so special.

Web3 DApps
Next-Gen Crypto
The Future of streaming
Community Focused
There are 7 DApps in the PandoProject’s Roadmap, Pandojo, TutorX, Vixo, Pando Store, WheresMyNFT, Show.Us, Pandogo and there are more DApps on its way. With the Pando Network and the Pando DApps, people can connect, share and earn without the burden of centralization.
We allow any developer to build DApps on our Pando Network, we aim to become the go-to “DApp Store” where you can find various platforms, websites and Applications with different features, services and tools for anyone to use,making Web3 DApps functional and accessible.
The PTX is only generated by the Pando Network (The Rametron, Metatron and Zytatron Nodes) and is utilized by our Pando DApps, Advertisers, Tournaments, Marketplaces,and more. This creates high adoption, utilization and a growing use case for the PTX.
The PTX is the only form of transaction across the PandoProject and because of its limited-supply high-demand infrastructure, there are no whales across the Pando Ecosystem. This also makes the PTX volatile-resistant.
The PandoProject has created an Ecosystem where people can create, watch and earn with content in a new way through blockchain technology. The PandoProject is making its way towards changing and innovating the way that streaming works across videos and data.
Developers can create new DApps that's powered by the Pando Network while other Apps and Websites can migrate from a centralized delivery network to reduce the cost of servers and hosting their platform, reduce lag issues and increase the security of their App or Website through decentralization.
The PandoProject has an ever-growing community that powers the entire project. The community members in the PandoProject take up a variety of roles, ranging from Node Holders to Content Creators, Advertisers to Country Partners, Crypto-Enthusiasts to Students!.
The Community Members progressively create and participate in the PandoProject’s e-sports tournaments, livestreams and events held online and promoted across the PandoProject’s telegram, discord and social media team.